Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Justin Biebers Uncouth Attitude At The Miami Heat Game

Justin Bieber and David Beckham both went to the Miami Heat game yesterday and Justin
Bieber was acting like a douchebag.
Beckham was just chillin in his seat, talking to his seatmates and not causing a scene AT ALL.
Justin rolls in with a stupid entourage, looks like an idiot, and ruins the viewing experience of everyone sitting near him....

Bieber had a giant bodyguard STANDING behind him. Meaning, anyone sitting behind Bieber had a totally obstructed view of the game, because a giant dude was just standing in front of their seats! Not only that, but Bieber had a police escort guarding the area in front of him!
Bieber looked totally unfazed by all of it. Like he could care less that no one around him could see the game.

Bieber even looked bored by the game in general. The pop star was joined by his best friend Lil Twist and they both wore sunglasses inside the arena, because “that’s so Hollywood.”
Bieber also brought along some basic non-famous girl, but he looked completely disinterested in her.

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