Saturday, 12 October 2013

Derayed! Woman Stabs Boyfriend in The Eye Because he Refused to Participate in Group Sex

A Florida woman is set to face charges after she reportedly stabbed her boyfriend the eye because he refused to engage in sex with her and another woman.

The victim told police that La Crystal King-Woolfork, 28, of Vero Beach, came home drunk on Sept. 26 wanting sex, according to TC Palm. She was with another unidentified woman at the time. The two women “started performing [mouth] sex on one another while [the victim] watched”, according to an arrest affidavit. Still, King-Woolfork’s
boyfriend did not want sex.

When he refused intercourse several times, King-Woolfork allegedly grabbed and attacked him. She stabbed him in the eye and the, but he was able to disarm her and call another person for a ride to the hospital.

So……He was watching first and then still didn’t want to join in? This sounds like one elite level struggle-filled sexcapade.

Now King-Woolfork faces attempted murder charges, even though she contended in that she only attacked the victim with a metal candle holder, according to Vero News. She said her boyfriend punched her in the nose after she hit him with the candle holder.


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