Thursday, 17 October 2013

Personal Psychic to Micheal Jackson Who had the Power of predicting death, Is Dead after Predicting her own death

Ms Lane as shes famously known as, is said to possess supernatural power of "clairvoyance" ability to foresee the future and death of people. She is the number one celebrity psychic.
Ms Lane, 53, met Jackson when he was performing in London in 1997 and phoned a psychic helpline looking for insight into his future.

Jillian Lane moved from Wales to Los Angeles to become a clairvoyant to the stars, most famously holding consultations with Jackson when he was the world's biggest pop star.
But she has now died from liver disease, after telling friends she knew that her death was imminent when she was first taken ill.

Earlier this year she fell ill with liver disease - and she claimed to know that she would not survive the illness.
After six weeks in an LA hospital, she asked to be flown home to Britain, and died at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff.
Mystic: Ms Lane claimed to have a number of spirit guides who gave her mysterious powers
'It is tragic,' said close friend Suzanne Yessayan. 'She had predicted her own passing and on this occasion, I hoped her prediction was wrong.
'She was a very giving, caring person. She kept her mind open and her heart open. She had style, grace and charm.
'Working with Michael Jackson was her crowning glory.'
In an interview shortly after Jackson's death, Ms Lane revealed details of her sessions with the star.
'He'd just sit there telling me just how stressed out he was,' she said.

'Michael was a very sensitive guy and would hate what was usually written about him, especially around the time of his trial for child abuse in 2005.

Ms Lane claimed to have a number of spirit guides, including a Scottish medic called Dr Mackintosh who apparently gave her healing powers.

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