Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Blasted! As Gucci Mane Continues Exposing Nicki Minaj With Sex tapes And Pics

In the last couple of weeks, there seems to be an ongoing criticism and beef amongs few rappers in hollywood leading to another leakage of sex tape.

 Gucci mane is was said to have been turned down by sqame collegue in the industry, to future in his track. Both rappers are Nicki minaj and Tyga.

Gucci mane as a result busted out, and took an aggression on some few rappers in the industry out of which he claims to have had core sex with the rapper.

He claimed he had threesome with keysha cole, sleptwith Tyga's current girlfriend, alongside waka flocka, had sex with fantasia, and want to have sex with TI's wife, Tiny. 

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