Saturday, 21 September 2013

Desperate Singles In Nollywood!- Actress Reveales Reason Behind Celebrity Failed Marriages

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo in a recent interview reveals the reason she's divorced and why other celebrity marriages fail.
 "YOU are one actress who’s got a  swagger to your personality, especially when acting the girl-about-town roles; where did all that come from?

Well I guess that might suggest that I kind of grew up in the streets.
But not at all; I’m actually a very homely girl. My grandmother is Ibo
and in Ibo tradition, after school, the next thing for the woman is the
kitchen. So I’m a relatively homely girl. But where did I get all the
swag and charisma from? First, I’d say from God. When I started acting, I
 started going out a lot, to events, to nightclubs; and when I’m out
there, I try to study people a lot. I see how the town girls behave, how
 they talk; more especially those with unusual characters

Have you at any time suffered stigmatisation by people based on certain roles you have played?
Yeah, a lot of that happens. I know I regularly play town-girl, bad
babe, armed robber, criminal; and some people unfortunately tend to see
me in that light, probably because of my look or because I play it well
and maybe because I also have tattoos on me. I know people tend to
regard those of us wearing tattoos like, ‘Oh, she has tattoos, so she
must be a very baaaaad girl.’
However, when they have the opportunity of getting close to me, the
equation usually changes and the next thing is ‘Iyabo, are you always
this quiet?’

Nollywood is replete of broken marriages, and here you are too, a single mother who was once married….

I wasn’t even a star when I got married. And when I got out of my
marriage, I still wasn’t a star. Up until I got married, I’d only
featured in one film, Satanic, and I pulled out of the industry the
moment I got married. So I wasn’t acting in those years that I was
married. I was a full-time housewife and businesswoman. And so if I had
problems with my marriage, it had nothing to do with my acting
profession. I actually chose to come back into acting because I had
started having issues with my marriage and knew it wasn’t making me
happy. And I knew that wasn’t the way I wanted to
 Yes, there are lots of problems in celebrity marriages; and the reason
is that as celebrities, we live in our own world. We work hard a lot,
moving from one location to the other; and usually when a female in the
industry meets a male guy who just comes from the blues, he usually
comes with a lot of loaded lies and sweeps some of these colleagues of
mine off their feet.
 And they in turn are not patient enough to study these guys well
enough, because ‘society expects them to be married.’ So people tend to
marry for specific reasons, and as far as I am concerned, you mustn’t be
 able to define the reason you love someone to the extent of marriage.
Once you get married for a reason, then there is a problem. I got
married because I was pregnant. That was a reason. My husband married me
 because I was pregnant for him. That was also a reason. Most men get
married to ladies in the industry because of the celebrity aura around
them, only to realise that there is a lot to marriage than that. They
also discover that in reality, these ladies aren’t as perfect as the
screens project them. And then the men cannot get used to the ego that
comes with the profession and typically want to be the man and break
those wings. <br />And if the woman is such that wouldn’t be tamed, then
there is a crisis  - See more at:

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