Monday, 23 September 2013

Kenya Mall Casualties- A Dad, 2-year old Daughter, Pregnant Wife Survive Mall Terror

With quick recall of the incidence, a victim recounted. 
"When the assault on the Westgate Mall started, Nick Handler was sitting in a café in the Nairobi, Kenya, shopping center with his 2-year-old daughter.

 "All of a sudden I just heard a loud explosion followed by a few gun shots and I just immediately just grabbed her and luckily it was right by the door and we were able to sprint out of the cafe and ran across the mall," he told ABC News by phone.

At the same time, his wife Lyndsay -- eight months pregnant -- was one floor below. Amid the chaos, the family was separated.

"That was just the most terrifying thing for her, just not being able to be with us and having no idea what was happening," Handler said.
Father and daughter hid in a storage room with about 40 other people.

"I had been sort of tucked into the back corner with Julia trying to basically hide in the case somebody did come in there," he said. "We were about halfway across the room and then all of a sudden people started rushing back in and there were some screams so we all ran back.
"Aside from that initial explosion, this was probably the most terrifying moment, not knowing if perhaps the people who had left had encountered some of the attackers who were then coming into the area that we were hiding," Handler told us.

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