Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Celeb Fashion Police! The Bad! Worst and Worse Of Dressed Celeb

The taste for all kinds of fashionable outfit amongs female
celebrity as been to some extent Unclad, and dehumanizing to the society that look up to them.

The craze for fashion these days is now something else that sometimes when you see some outfit worn by some people you ask yourself  a question "like seriously did she just wear that?".
Right here is a few compilation of some female celebrity with their various shades of dressing, revealing their 'meant to be privates.. Left for you to pick your worst dressed celeb.
Below is a few list out of many:
1) Genevieve Nnaji: Yes the dress no doubt looks lovely on this beautiful/talented actress but hmm...the upper part showed way too much cleavage. While some of her fans think there was nothing wrong, others felt she shouldn't have shown too much.

2) Ini Edo: She came under heavy criticism for wearing this opened dress that showed off part of her tummy as well as her chest, the dress did her no justice as it just separated her boobs in a not too sexy kind of way.
3)Rukky Sanda: Okay so this actress wore this cleavage revealing dress that literally showed her nipple. What happened to showing less and still looking good?
 4)Emmy Nyra: Is one singer that has not denied the fact that she loves wearing sexy clothes. Yes, it's ok to look sexy but hey she showed more than just her laps. We don't want to know what goes down there.
5) Yvonne Jegede: The actress looks like she saying I got it, so let me flaunt it. Well that's what the picture looks like. While we are not against her flaunting what you has but sometimes less does it better.
6) Toke Makinwa: No doubt the dress fits this Petite On-Air-Personality but she showed us way too much, with her showing off her side boobs and nipples. This is way too much distraction for the guys of course. Don't you think?
7)Anita Joseph: When it comes to showing off one's assets, this actress is one person that doesn't fail to do so but it looks like she's not giving her body breathing space, that jacket says it.
8)Toni Tones: Like seriously... you leave you house to go for an event all dressed up like this. Not everyone is really interested in seeing your belly button... Its a No No!!
  Opeyemi Awoyemi: This model wore this transparent dress with a small piece of cloth covering only her boobs and the down part of her body. Well maybe she was trying to show off her flat tummy. One can only wonder what she was thinking.
So here you go, have your say on who's the worse of all