Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Still On Kenya Mall Attack- As Terrorist Cut Off Victims Hands To Prevent Recognition

As some gunmen are said to still hiding in the mall of kenya, Militants who stormed the Kenyan
shopping mall reportedly burnt victims' faces and cut off their hands in an attempt to conceal their identities before piling the bodies up by the main door to slow the progress of the rescue teams.

According to DailyMail, one security officer said the mall had been turned into ‘an abattoir’ within half an hour as gunmen went on the rampage.

As shocking details emerged of the horrors committed inside the Westgate shopping centre, it was also reported that an injured woman had been sexually abused at gunpoint in front of young hostages.
It is believed that she has been shot in the shoulder, while her child has been killed.

Another witness who was hosting a cookery competition in the Kenyan mall attacked by terrorists claimed today that adults acted like ‘animals’ during the attack by climbing on top of children to escape.
Kamal Kaur - who was hosting the competition for 33 children at the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi on Saturday - told BBC News in an emotional interview:

I had about 30 to 33 kids with me. The shooting was going on. We were in the corner. I was telling everybody "bend down". The adults were worst - they were animals, they were climbing on top of the kids to jump over the walls. I was trying to say “there are little children over there” - they were stepping on the children continuously.

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