Saturday, 21 September 2013

Naija Singer And "Still/One Time Prostitute' Maheeda, Says 'Even After Getting Married I Still Have The Urge To Go After Men

In a recent interview, Maheeda who has just release a gospel song titled 'Superman' admitted that
despite been married to a Dutch who has blessed her with a posh home in Lekki and a good car, she's always going out to run after other men!

 "Even after getting married I still have this urge of going out to meet a man. But I felt it should not be so. I am trying to let people know there is a spirit behind prostitution, If not, why after getting married, I have everything, I live in Lekki, I am driving a very big car and my husband gives me whatever I want, so why would I still feel like going into prostitution?

There is a spirit behind it. I continued prostitution even after getting married. The only thing that changed me was being born again and being delivered," she explodes.

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