Thursday, 15 August 2013

International Relations- Obama Invites Jonathan To US

Reaction trails, as Jonathan as been invited by US president, Barack Obama next month in New york, the united state under secretary for political affairs Ms Wendy Sherman as said this...

But there is a mixed reaction as to why obama did not visit nigeria on his last visit to africa, and if Jonathan will honour his invitation.

Though Ms Sherman as mentioned that "Nigeria is a very important country and cannot be ignored.
Not just within the coast of africa but in the world.

Nigeria been the hed of committee on democracy, and as been the leader in so many ways like ECOWAS, as a peace keeping nation all around the world, and the partnership cannot be ignored.

Sherman who said during her meeting with Jonathan, she delivered a letter to Jonathan on behalf of obama, adding that he looks forward to working with nigeria on the basis of the letter.

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