Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Over 300 Nigerian Remanded and Languish In Libyan Prison

Captivity raises alarm, as 300 nigerians languish in libyan prison.
The initiative for youth awareness on Immegration, Development and re-integration, IYAMIDR, raised the alarm that over 300 nigerian are languishing in libyan prison..

As president of IYAMIDR, solomon okodua, call on nigerian government to intervene, as the last war of libya as held so many nigerian captive and hostage in libya.

As solomon said that nigerians in prison are asked to pay $400 and $600 to agent believed to be working for libyan authorities to help them secure their release.

According to rep[ort, government of nigeria are urged to come to the aide of those that are willing to return home, especially gils who are raped everyday, as 700 citizens are said to be in a prison situated in tripoli, libyas capital, among other prisons situated in the countries capital...

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