Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Dino Melaye To Lead Anti-corruption Protest With Nigerians In Diaspora, Uk, US

Regardless of the recent re-occurrence of corruption and state of unrest of nigeria, a former member of the house of representatives, and presently the Executive secretary of  The anti-corruption network, Dino Melaye plans along side his group to protest against nigerias bad attitude, in the fight against corruption...

Melaye has already commenced plans seeking the hands of  nigerians in diasporal tojoin in the protest.

Melaye, in a statement on Tuesday, said he had submitted a letter seeking a permit for the protest.
 He said, “Corruption in Nigeria is endemic, systemic and becoming contagious. If we want to rescue our country, we should stand up without fear or favour. We do not have any other country we can call our own apart from Nigeria. We must do everything to rescue this country from the hands of these economic cankerworms and financial scavengers.

Apart from this, there as been a written letter to inform the american authorities, as regards mass protest holding soon.

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  1. Anti corruption plans are great because it is basically about fighting corruption.