Sunday, 18 August 2013

#BBA- Angelo And Bimp Gets Evicted From BBA Chase

Speaking of love games, what would become of beverly as her lover boy gets a red card out of the house, i gues she would have to get hold of her sexual grip and org South African representative..

 As Angelo and Ethiopia’s Bimp were evicted from the BBA house this evening. Dance teacher Angelo Collins entered Big Brother because he realised that life is too short and “one shouldn’t limit the things you want to do”. If he wins the grand prize, he will start a small business, help an orphanage and help his mom and family with a better life. Angelo describes himself as “tall, dark, adventurous and handsome” and attributes his confidence to being relaxed and comfortable in his own skin. He dislikes arrogant, self-centred and rude people, preferring people who are confident and know what they want in life. Viewers can expect “a lot of craziness” from him, believing he has a funny personality and will make people laugh.

As the Ethiopia’s Bimp has become the 21st Housemate to be Evicted from The Chase. After what has been a confusing night that saw all three of the Eviction Nominees being called into the Rendezvous Room, Live
Show presenter IK revealed to the Housemates and to Africa that Bimp’s Chase has come to an end.

As soon as Bimp sat down, IK wasted no time in probing the Ethiopian about his beef withElikem. The ousted Housemate shared that he does not see eye to eye with the Ghanaian because Elikem has grown increasingly cocky in the House. “He has changed,” Bimp insisted.

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