Friday, 9 August 2013

Reason Behind Peter Okoye's Proposal to Babymama- Peter Speaks

Wow, does this lady truly deserves this..

While some artist in the same industry are envious and uncomfortable with peter's proposal to babymama, the dude seems not to give a damn as he feels he as reach the point of a true father-hood

It will be recalled some days back how peter surprisingly proposed to his lover of two kids, having gone to her house that faithful day alongside a Range Rover vogue worth of N15million and a rose flower with a message at the top of the car that reads "please say yes".. they both had a long passionate kiss, accompanied by YES from his lover.

Speaking on why he proposed to his lover and mother of two, peter said "It is something i had always wanted do, and i know i would do it to lola one day, but i needed to wait for the right time. Honestly she deserves even more from me" Peter said.

Hope other single artist emulates this dude, instead trying to be a player and flirt around with the whole girls in the name of celebrity.
Anywayz congrat to peter and lola okoye.. Igbo and yoruba



  1. Wel, i dont av anytn aganst dem, let dem jst be les extravagnt nd save fr d futur, so dy wont open 'donationatn account wen dy ar in dip shit of a situatn, lik Ojb.

  2. Wow, so happi fr peter, he as takn a bold step, d lady truly desrvs it, bt wait o, she looks lik shes 'tkn in agn' baby makin machin, lol..