Thursday, 15 August 2013

JTF Vigilante Group Battles Crime Amongs Islamic Terrorist

    As the vigilante group come out with the zeal as patroitic citizen as regards terrorist activities, here what it seems like..

"The battered old car, cutlasses and nail-studded clubs poking out of its windows, careens down the road and squeals to a stop. Its young occupants pile out, shouting with glee, and set up a roadblock.
“Get down!” ‘’Open the trunk!” ‘’What’s in that parcel?” They yell as a line of stopped cars and minivan taxis forms that will become nearly two kilometers (a mile) long.

The JTF as they are known as, who have risen against the boko harams, and as so far made several arrest of those who have something to do with the terrorist group in maduiguri the capital of borno.

Many residents welcome the vigilantes and credit them for some of the relative peace that has returned to Maiduguri. Others find their existence troubling and worry that they may perpetrate human rights abuses.
“Boko Haram has no mercy for us, so we have no mercy for them,” Usman Adamu, 30, told AP.

On Sunday, suspected Boko Haram attackers crept into a mosque in Konduga town, 35 kilometers (22 miles) from Maiduguri, and gunned down 47 people, the local chief told the AP. In an apparent simultaneous attack on a village 5 kilometers (3 miles) outside the city, another 12 civilians were killed, he said.
Boko Haram has attacked other mosques and Muslim clerics who criticize its actions as un-Islamic.
The vigilantes have won the blessing of the military, and take their name from the military Joint Task Force charged with hunting down the Islamic extremists.

“We know who these people are because they have been terrorizing us for years, so we are best placed to sniff them out,” he said. “For the past five years we have been under serious attack: Our wives, younger brothers and other family members have been killed.” said Garba Madu, a middle aged chief of the joint task force.

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