Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Circulation Of New Naira Note to Commence By September- CBN

  Base on the deliberation to assign new naira, the deputy director operations, Tunde Lemo, has stated that there will be a circulation of the new naira from september...

Stating lately, he said the new naira note are to be available in different denominations, as the smaller naira (N5, N10,N20, N50) would be reprinted on paper.

On the scarcity of the smaller notes, Lemo blames commercial banks on the circulation, to what he called 'poor circulation'

There as been a view that the higher notes 'N50' is more of higher value and in circulation than the smaller notes.

Lemo also called on commercial banks to help monitor the distribution of the new naira so it wont fall in the hands of wrong agents

Naira note is to be sold in Dei Dei along kubwa road in abuja, amongs other designated location in the country.

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