Monday, 5 August 2013

Latest_ Domestic Law Violence against Men 'Beat Your Wife And Go To Jail'

According to the deputy governor of Lagos State, Hon Joke Orelope-Adefulire, the Domestic Violence Law is made not only to protect women who are most times the target of violence in the home but also to safeguard the interest of men, children, servants, maids and everyone who may be a victim of domestic violence.  In case of man/woman abuse issues, it does not matter whether there's a valid contracted marriage between the victim and the perpetrator of the act as long as they are living together in a home setting..

Here's what happens when there's a case of domestic violence. 
1. Remove the abuser from the home pending when the abuse is corrected
2. Or remove the complainant from the residence and put in a protective home
3. Provision of financial assistance by the state via the Office of the Public Defender/Legal Aid Council to victims of abuse who maybe financially unable to seek redress in court.
4. The court can issue warrant of arrest and remand order

The law as stated. Gbam!

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