Sunday, 18 August 2013

Despite Cutt Down Skimpy Dress, Toni Braxton Continues To Perform With Hips Out!

While trilling her fans with her performance on stage, 45-year-old artiste fell down only to expose her heavily endowed butt!..

An unsuspecting Toni continued to perform, even despite the tell-tale sound of the crowd cheering even louder when she turned around.  

 However, she still managed to reveal her bare backside again when she continued to hitch up the skirt whilst chatting to the crowd.
In a second attempt at aiding the songstress, one of Toni's back-up singers approached the star, knelt down and tried to adjust her outfit.
But even her efforts were scotched, and yet another member of Braxton's entourage swooped in to assist.

 Taking it all off: After no success at all, Toni finally gave up and whipped the dress completely off to reveal her nude bodysuit underneath

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