Sunday, 25 August 2013

Revealed- The Death Of Shekau, Boko Haram Leader

Nigeria, most wanted terrorist may have died a painful and distressful death.

From the vasts forest of sambisa, borno state where he was reportedly shot, as a result sustain injuries in june during a raid in his hideout by military forces, he was was since taken to mali for treatment by top boko haram hierarchy.

He was moved to cameroun, when the situation got out of hand, There all know medical supported that could be provided within acceptable underground limit, but that was where he gave up the ghost.

A security source said the recent video recording allegedly released by the sect showing how shekau calling the US, Britain and France, claiming that nobody can stop the group, was a smokesscreen to paint the picture that he was still very much alive and in control.

"In fact as i am talking to you now, we have it on good authority that a close confidant of shekau who was mandated to follow him and ensure his proper treatment as been killed by members of the sect for allowing the information of his death to get out, the source said.

Meanwhile as recent attacks are been carried out by the sect, might as a result of a new leader being in command of the group, so as to carry out more attacks.

Shekau's deputy in boko haram hierarchy, Momodu Bama, was reportedly killed by Joint task force during an encounter with troops around the bama corridors on august 14.

Bama who is said to have been leading attacks in yobe and adamawa state, and also known in manning anti-craft guns, and heartless with a penchant for personally executing his victims.

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