Friday, 16 August 2013

Shocking-Man Found dead without His Penis

A 39-year-old trader, Sylvanus Okoye, was found dead after haven been missing for some weeks, to a great shock, he was discovered without his penis in a pool of blood at his house...

The Lagos state police command have commence investigation as to the course of the deseased who as a matter of fact was 'Murdered'. The man who is said to be an indigene of Abidi, Umu Ochi, Anambra State, was found dead two weeks after he was last seen by neighbours.

His corpse was said to have been discovered after a foul odour engulfed the premises of the house, located at Ezemegbu Drive, Okota.

It was learnt that on Thursday, neighbours forced the door to his apartment open and the corpse was discovered.
The victim’s brother, Paul, also a trader, said neighbours called to inform him that his brother had not been seen for some days.

He said, 
 “I was called by the landlord that they have not seen my brother for some time. They said a stranger dropped his phone and house key with the security guard.
“When I got here, we opened the door to his flat. We saw his bloated body, with a rope tied on his neck. There was a mortar, pestle and a knife on the bed. Obviously he was murdered.

“We are confused now; we have reported the matter at Okota Police Station. They have collected the knife and pestle. What I am craving  now is justice. Police should investigate this matter and prosecute all involved.

The policemen who have taken up on the case said they visited the resident were they found the body of the man and discovered that his penis had been cut off.

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